Pupils including several from Dryden School had a very entertaining afternoon when they were treated to a very professional performance from Aukestra a group of very talented Autistic young people.  Several of the group were past pupils all now in their 20’s and it was great to see how well they were doing.

Songs from Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue and Fleetwood Mac alongside their own original numbers had the pupils singing and dancing in the aisles.

The band made a promise that they would return to perform again hopefully in the summer.

Read the comments from some of our pupils:

Kayleigh – I was impressed at the skills that they showed and it has given me the strength to follow my own dreams especially Zoe who used to come to Hill Top.

Harry – They were all good, and the songs choice was good as well. It made me to try harder to learn to play my guitar.

Aaron – I thought the band members had great skills, good singing voices and played their instruments well.

Jamie – They were brilliant, they have loads of talent and are great singers/musicians.

Matthew – I thought they are really good, and the singers had really good voices.

Jack – It was good because they have good musicians and good singer,  the sound was good.

Ryan – It was good.

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