School Uniform

School Uniform Service

School Uniform items can be purchased via My Clothing  Contact number is: 0800 069 9949

14 days delivery available with no minimum order amounts.





KS3 and 4 Uniform

Key Stage 3 and 4

Uniform items can be purchased via My Clothing

Tel: 0800 069 9949 or click on link below and order on line.

Black skirt/trousers
Black sweatshirt
Plain white shirt/polo shirt/t-shirt
Plain black school shoes (not trainers)
Kit for PE
Sports Trainers – sports shorts (navy or black) plus plain t-shirt (red or white)

Swimming kit – shorts/one piece bather/towel/shower gel/shampoo

6th form uniform

Sixth Form

Black jacket/blazer
Black & green stripped tie (purchase direct from school)
White shirt
Black trousers/skirt
Black school shoes
(As chosen by our 16+  School Council students)

Post 16

Post 16 Autism Centre

A different coloured sweatshirt is worn compared to the rest of the school.
The blue sweatshirt is worn for all school activities.
Hill Top School Logo is sewn on to the left side. White polo shirt or standard shirt can be worn underneath, with black trousers and black school shoes. 


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