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Hill Top Annual Progress Data

We acknowledge that cohorts of learners in special schools are different year on year and we therefore place a strong emphasis on value-added data, teacher assessment, and our school assessment process which monitors individual and expected achievement. We also acknowledge that cohort size can have a significant impact on the % figures when looking at progress.

  • Teachers at Hill Top set challenging targets for pupils based upon their knowledge of the pupil and teacher assessment. Targets are set through CASPA in Maths, English (all ATs)
  • Education Health and Care Plans – all pupils have annual targets set in English, Maths, and PSD. These are shared with pupils and parents at Annual Review meetings.
  • All staff continually research new opportunities for accreditation at Key Stage 4 and Post 16.

Overall Progress

Please see below for 16/17 Pupil Progress details:

Pupil Progress 2016-17 CASPA


Please see below midway figures for 17/18

Midway Analysis 2017-18



2015-16 Progress


Because of changes in the way data is now being collected and the way that we set targets the decision has been made not to show data over the past 3 years and focus on data from the academic year 2015 – 16 being our starting point.

Further actions have been identified to support our data analysis:

  • Some pupils are not on CASPA and will be added for the next data collection point.
  • Some pupils have no start point for their data, this will be added for the end of year collection 2017 and their start point will be based on their results from summer 2016. In the above table this is shown as 89 pupils based on 81 meaning that 8 pupils do not have a starting point.
  • The below expected progress column in brackets shows the actual number of pupils who have made below expected progress. This group will be our starting point for interventions. Within this group only 2 have not made progress overall, others have made progress towards targets and have been identified and are part groups


progress 2

The below expected progress column in brackets shows the actual number of pupils who have made below expected progress. This group is our starting point for interventions. Deeper analysis shows the strands we need to focus on for these individuals. EHCP’s and pupils attendance are also taken into account and show which pupils need further support to reach targets this is discussed with subject leaders to ensure the correct interventions and support are put in place.

Pupil Premium

progress 3

In general there is little difference in PPG and non PPG groups, however there is an obvious dip in maths for PPG- this group will benefit from interventions to support their learning.

Progress with different groups of pupils

FSM; Boys/girls; CLA; More Able (MA) pupils; Medical

progress 4

It is note worthy to state that during academic year 2015-16 there was a strong focus on English through intervention / focus groups.

6th Form

We have discovered that for pupils in 6th form at Hill Top CASPA analysis is not appropriate as there is insufficient data sent back to CASPA at the level our pupils are working at for us to compare them. This year we are basing 6th form data on their exam results and we will be doing a body of work around linking pupil progress to the new Adult Outcomes.

progress 5

School Leavers 2014-15 (Year groups 11, 12, 13)

13 pupils stayed at Hill Top 14 pupils went on to the following providers : Project Choice, Gateshead College, South Tyneside ASD Provision, ESPA, Tyne Met.

School Leavers 2015-16 (Year groups 11, 12, 13)

21 pupils stayed at Hill Top 10 went on to the following providers:

Interface, Gateshead College, Dilston /Gateshead partnership, Newcastle College, Project Choice.

1 pupil gained employment in a local factory making seatbelts for aeroplanes.


Targets have been set for all pupils on an individual basis through CASPA. CASPA generated targets are bench marked across the country with schools for pupils with a similar ability to both Dryden and Hill Top this provides us with challenge and rigour. For pupils who exceed their targets we discuss the targets with teachers and middle leaders (curriculum leads) to ensure that they are sufficiently rigorous. From September 2016 all pupil targets will be CASPA generated from years 7 -11.

We will be working towards 6 Form Targets linking to Adult Outcomes from September 2017.


Hill Top Annual Progress 2015-16 (docx)



DfE School and College Performance Tables

Follow the link below to access the published information for our school.

DfE School Performance Tables/Data


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