7A had a fun and informative time with local Dentist Melanie, who came into class to advise on the best ways to look after their teeth and to keep them healthy and shiny.

First Melanie gave important instructions on how to clean teeth properly, twice a day. A giant model set of teeth and toothbrush helped with the demonstrations!

She got the children to count the number of teeth in their head (32) and showed some photographs of decayed teeth-yuk!

Next followed a very interesting discussion around sugary snacks and the damage they do to your teeth. Fact: Did you know that a small packet of mini jelly babies contains the equivalent of 19 spoonfuls of sugar? Melanie encouraged the children to drink milk or water instead of sugary drinks and to limit any sugary snacks to mealtimes only. She suggested having other, non-sugary snacks if they are hungry between meals, such as humous, carrot sticks and other crudities.

All members of the class were then allowed to look at and handle some equipment, including the special gloves and masks used by dentists to prevent germs spreading. They examined the special mirror dentists use to look inside the mouth. And Leah even dressed up as a dentist; including blue coat, mask and gloves, she looked very professional!

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